Cruising to New Zealand

I just had the opportunity of a lifetime. My Dad and uncle were on a cruise ship that sailed from Honolulu to Sydney. I got on in Fiji and I just got off in Auckland.

It was strange going from hostel living to luxury boat. I have only been on a cruise ship once before (in Greece), and this boat was even nicer. I spent the days at sea trying not to get lost (somehow I always ended up in the casino), indulging in the ice cream bar, relaxing in the sauna, trying to decide whether to go in the whirlpool or Thalassotherapy pool (tough life, I know!), eating three-course meals with the wrong utensils for each course (oops!), and reading to my heart’s content. I also enjoyed fitness classes, dance classes, and evening shows.

The cruise sailed to the exact point of a full solar eclipse. It was amazing. The whole process lasted about an hour. During the partial phases, the light got weird and it got colder and colder. I watched with my nifty glasses as the moon slowly blotted out the sun. During “totality”, the sun was completely blocked except for a ring. The sky turned dark. It was like at sunset, when you see the first stars, except the sunset was 360 degrees around us. And it was 10:20 a.m. It was so weird, but so beautiful. I am really happy to have had that experience. I didn’t take pictures during the full eclipse, because I wanted to experience it without distraction. And I was terrified my flash would go off!

The ship stopped at Tauranga before heading to Auckland. Dad, Strycek Petr and I visited hot pools on Lake Rotoiti. It was wonderfully relaxing. I now have a specially designated “sulphur” bathing suit that even has its own plastic bag πŸ™‚

I arrived safe and sound in Auckland. The city is lovely, but very windy right now. I am going to be here for a few days to get my bearings, then it’s on to the next adventure!

Looking incredibly cool during the partial phase of the eclipse
With Dad and Strycek Petr
The eclipse formed half-moon shadows through this lady’s hat
Relaxing in the hot pool on Lake Rotoiti

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